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ASP.NET Web API, C#, Octopus Deploy, TeamCity, TV & Media, WCF
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RiksTV AS is a Norwegian TV distribution company that offers, among other, a TV app dedicated to children. The app, called RiksTV Junior, lets you stream both live and archived content from Nickelodeon, Nick Jr and SFKids. The app lets you also create your own user profile with custom avatars and backgrounds. With the built in Parental Control, you can easily filter content based on age groups.

Almir worked with the RiksTV Junior team where he is responsible for development and deployment of the APIs serving the app. He has, among other, developed the Parental Control feature, integrated support for the iPhone app, and improved the overall app performance through API optimisation. The APIs architecture is based on .NETs WebAPI and WCF.

RiksTV is the only TV distributor in Norway that provides digital TV and HDTV with a regular antenna. For more information, check out rikstv.no.