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ASP.NET Web API, Back End, C#, Music, PostgreSQL
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Phonofile is a digital distribution partner for record labels, recording artists and distribution companies. Their digital platform is designed to easily give you full control over your catalogue with full transparency and daily updated sales figures for your releases. The company has offices in Oslo, Stockholm, London and recently opened office in New York.

As an extension to Phonofile’s digital platform, Almir developed an API for managing and aggregating data from social media. The extension gives you a historical overview over where and how much a particular song, album or playlist has been shared on social media outlets such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

A small note to the Phonofile family: if you ever read this – it has been a great honor to work with you guys! Your philosophy is a leading example of what the modern music industry needs and hopefully is heading towards to; transparency, clarity and power to the artist. Keep up the good work and prosper – this is just the beginning! //Almir