Ofertix | A Food Brochure Aggregator

Digital Ocean, JavaScript, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Supermarket Chains, Wordpress
Overview | Ofertix | Self Employed Project

Ofertix is a service that aggregates brochures from Spanish food chains such as Lidl, Aldi, Supersol, Carrefour and many more. The brochures are automatically downloaded and maintained by a scraper engine. The service is available on Android on Google Play Store . Ofertix is a personal project that is developed beside my professional assignments.

Almir is the architect and developer behind the scraper engine that automatically downloads and maintains the brochures. The engine was developed using, among other,  Node.js (vanilla JavaScript), jsdom (DOM scraper/selector), Sequlize (ORM), PostgreSQL, and PM2 as  Node process manager. We also use tools such as BitBucket, Trello and Slack for project management.

Download the app or visit us at Ofertix.es for more information (only in Spanish).