NRK | CDN Integration

C#, F#, Octopus Deploy, TeamCity, TV & Media
Overview | NRK | Netlight

NRK is the Norwegian government-owned radio and television public broadcasting company, and the largest media organisation in Norway. NRK broadcasts three national TV channels and multiple national radio channels. Medieutvikling is NRKs largest tech department and is responsible for the apps and services such as NRK Web TV, YR and NRK Radio.

Almir is currently working in team ODA in the Medieutvikling department. ODA is responsible for, among other, desking of and uploading clips and programs to content delivery networks (CDN). ODA is currently undergoing a CDN switch from Akamai to Media Netwerk where Almir is assisting primarily as a .NET backend/integration developer (F# | C#), but also within DevOps.

Want to experience NRKs services and apps? Head over to or use their mobile apps (iOS | Android).