5 great Chrome Extentions for the web developer

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  1. JSONView
    • This extension automatically indents/formats your JSON objects/arrays.
  2. Postman – REST Client
    • A great tool when you need to test your API. I’ve used this tool a lot when testing Parse Cloud Code (REST-API).
  3. Allow-Control-Allow-Origin: *
    • If you’ve ever made an AJAX request to an external source, you’ve probably encountered the error “Cross Domain AJAX Request”. To bypass this error, you can tell Chrome it’s safe to make this request, however make sure to turn it off when not in use (security reasons).
  4. AngularJS Batarang
    • A great debugging tool for AngularJS. It let’s you view your models inside Chrome.
  5. Web Developer
    • An overall great extension that let’s you manipulate the DOM, change the UI, count pixels etc – a must have!
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