Host your AngularJS app using Parse in 4 simple steps

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After you’ve put together your first AngularJS app, maybe you want to host it somewhere? Why not give Parse a try:)? It is incredibly simple!

As an example I’ll use a AngularJS & Parse app I created in my last post.

Note that there is no need to set up the database manually in Parse since it will be created dynamically once your code runs!

Step 1

Go to Parse and create your Parse app, and copy following keys:

Before we use the keys, make sure to create a domain for your Parse app under Settings -> Web hosting. Copy this link as well.

Open my existing project and go to “js/app.js” and rename the values under “//Constants“.

Step 2

In order to get your project files hosted in Parse, you need to upload them using Parse Clode Code. Start off by downloading their console apps from Parse Cloud Code. For this tutorial I’ll be using Windows.

Step 3

Open the ParseConsole file.

a) Create a new Parse Cloud Code project:

This particular code will generate three folders:

Navigate to the public folder and paste your project files.

b) Deploy your project files. Make sure your in the root folder of your Parse Cloud Code project:

Step 4

Visit your domain (the one you created in Step 1) – you app should be up and running:)

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