Tutorial: Lahey 90 compiler – compile using Notepad++

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Notepad++ is without a doubt my favorite lightweight IDE. With possibilities to install plugins and endless customization, it is difficult not to love it! These past weeks I’ve been developing in Fortran using the Lahey 90 compiler. The compiler works on Windows 7, but the Lahey 95 IDE is totally different story. It works (sort of), but it is highly unstable! That’s why I wrote a small guide for Lahey 90 compiler using Notepad++ as an IDE. The compilation inside Notepad++ works perfect. The execution on the other hand works in some cases, but I highly recommend to execute from Windows own command prompt.

NB: Before starting, make sure Lahey 90 compiler must be installed!

=== FIRST PART ===

Open “Notepad++”

1. Install NppExec plugin:
Plugins -> Plugin Manager -> Show Plugin Manager -> “NppExec”

2. Check following options under “Plugins -> NppExec”:


In Notepad++!

1. Set up compiler script. Push “F6” and enter following script, then save:
lf90 $(FILE_NAME)

2. Set up executable script. Push “F6” and enter following script, then save:
cmd /c $(NAME_PART).exe

=== USING IT ===

– When compiling press “F6” and choose script.

How to add keyboard shortcut for compiling and executing:

1. Plugins -> NppExec -> Advanced options. Choose “Associated script” and add
both compiling and executable script.

2. Settings -> Shortcut mapper… Choose “Plugin commands” and add your
keyboard combination.

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